March 2012

Poor Widow Me

If I were to pick a favorite genre of book right now, I would have to make up the genre humorous tragedy and grant it most favored status. There's nothing I like better than a sad story told in a humorous, or at least bitter, or at least ironic way. Perhaps the perfect example of the sad tale with humor without bitterness is Widow's Walk by Maria Fontane, one of the 9/11 firefighter's wives. The best example of tragic humor with bitterness is adulthood misadventures of Augusten Burroughs, who is (surprisingly) charmingly always one small tragedy after from utter self destruction. And perhaps the best example of tragic comedy without any actual funniness is Poor Widow Me.

Developing An Appreciation For Charlie Chaplin

Although many adults know the name Charlie Chaplin fairly well, one can't help to wonder how many people in the current generation know who he is and have an interest in his contribution to the film industry. His style was something very unique and is almost completely different from the type of comedy that most people are used to seeing in our modern world. Yet, I think there are still many people who enjoy his works and are curious about him for that reason -- because he's so different in comparison to what they've usually seen.

Exploring Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is an artist that has always had a strong positive affect on people throughout the decades. Although many people do not realize it, he was a film director and composer, as well as an actor. He became the most popular and well-known through his work in silent films, though he still continued to create films even as sound had eventually began to become used in the movies. Another common fact that most people do not know about Charlie is that he is one of the individuals who founded United Artists. Other founders included Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford, and D.W. Griffith.