July 2011

You’ll Probably Buy Casey Anthony’s Book

I keep hearing about how people are disgusted with Casey Anthony writing a book (as if worse things aren’t happening right now). I’ve seen Facebook statuses about people telling Anthony’s dead daughter that they won’t buy her mommy’s book (yeah, that’s healthy and makes plenty of sense!), people who watched the entire trial claiming they don’t want to hear a word she has to say (then why did they stare at her for hours on end? Because they like how she looks?), and that none of them will read it, ever.

Yeah, I believe that one.

Then I read something else that gave me pause. Some people have been pointing out that if young Caylee Anthony had been black (or anything other than a cute white girl), this trial may have not even made the news. Take this piece on several other girls who were killed by their mothers that the media pretty much ignored—and so, of course, did the people of America. Five girls were killed by their mother the same year that Caylee Anthony died—yet hers is the case we’ve heard about, because she’s white and from a middle class neighborhood. Can you imagine if she’d been black and from Brooklyn? People may not have batted an eye, claiming that it was not a surprise.