November 2009

Kathy Griffin

I picked up Kathy Griffin's auto-biography the other day on a whim becaused I absolutely loved her Jesus comment at the Emmy's a few years ago. If I am not mistaken, when Kathy went onstage to grab her award, she gave a short speech that ended with the rather classy lines: "Jesus, suck it."

Unfortunately, that particular Jesus comment was no more than a blip in her book and was only a big publicity stunt for- you guessed it-Kathy Griffin herself. Suffice to say, the comment had nothing to do with Jesus or her feelings about relgion and wasn't even written by Kathy Griffin anyway.

Schulz and Peanuts

As a kid, Snoopy literally took over my room. I had a Snoopy poster on my wall, my sheets were filled with miniature Snoopys, and my 1970’s yellow bedspread was also covered with Snoopy. At that time, I didn’t really consider the over-merchandising of brands because that really isn’t what elementary school students tend to ponder. I did, however, consider the over-merchandising of the Peanuts brand after reading “Schulz and Peanuts”, which is the biography of Charles “Sparky” Schulz written by David Michaelis.